Partner Clubs Worldwide Sep 21 '23 Worldwide Sep '23 Tigres UANL Spanish Sep '23
English League Midfielders Club América CD Guadalajara English Sep '23
Liga BBVA MX Sep '23 Süper Lig Sep '23 Italian Sep '23
New Captains J.LEAGUE Liga BBVA MX & American League
Leo Messi Exchangeable Players

Frequently asked questions (Q&A):

Q: Can you advertise my website on pesdb?
A: No, but if your website is related to PES, we can exchange banners.

Q: Can you send me your data in Excel or CSV format?
A: No! I cannot send you my database.

Q: Please! Send me your database and I will donate X amount of money!
A: My database is not for sale.

Q: Do you have any API or any similar way to get data from your database?
A: No. The only data available to you, are the data shown in the web pages.
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