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Frequently asked questions (Q&A):

Q: When will pesdb 2020 be ready?
A: Wait, what? pesdb 2020 is ready already! :P

Q: But... I've found something that is wrong
A: Well, nobody is perfect. Send me an in-game screenshot,
along with the pesdb URL that has the wrong data, and I will fix it.

Q: I get the message "500 Internal Server Error".
A: There is a problem with the server right now. Please try again later.

Q: Can you send me your data in Excel or CSV format?
A: No! I cannot send you my database.

Q: Please! Send me your database and I will donate X amount of money!
A: My database is not for sale.

Q: Do you have any API or any similar way to get data from your database?
A: No. The only data available to you, are the data shown in the web pages.
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