South America International Cup Dec 8 '22 Dominant Defenders Japan [Deluxe] American League
Alltime Greats Spor Toto Süper Lig France Italy [Deluxe] Turkey [Deluxe]
Indonesia [Deluxe] Malaysia [Deluxe] Thailand [Deluxe] Liga MX x Day of the Dead
Belgium '22 Portugal '22 Netherlands '22 Spain '22 England '22 Germany '22
Argentina '22 [Premium] Brazil '22 [Premium] Japan '22 [Premium] France '22 [Premium]
Bruno Fernandes FC Barcelona 22-23 (Oct) Manchester United 22-23 FC Bayern München 22-23 Arsenal 22-23 (Oct)
PositionPlayer NameTeam NameNationalityHeightWeightAgeOverall RatingPrice
E. DavidsFree AgentsNetherlands1686928820
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