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Player Name: DEKAZPEIC
Squad Number: -
League: Free Agents (Duplicate Players)
Nationality: MONTENEGRO
International: Yes
Included in MLO: No
Height: 187
Weight: 84
Age: 31
Stronger Foot: Right foot
Registered Position: CF
All positions:
LWF    SS     CF    RWF
 LB     SW     CB     RB 
Attack: 77
Defence: 38
Header accuracy: 79
Dribble accuracy: 74
Short-pass accuracy: 69
Short-pass speed: 71
Long-pass accuracy: 67
Long-pass speed: 70
Shot accuracy: 77
Place kicking: 69
Swerve: 69
Ball control: 75
Weak foot accuracy: 5
Weak foot usage: 5
Goal keeping skills: 50
Responsiveness: 78
Explosive power: 72
Dribble speed: 72
Top speed: 75
Body balance: 82
Stamina: 76
Kicking power: 79
Jump: 78
Injury: 2
Attack: 3
Defence: 2
Form: 4
Tenacity: 68
Teamwork: 70
Overall Rating: 68
Rating as 68

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