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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Database
Age: 23
Height: 190
Weight: 80
Team: Free Agents
Nationality: TUNISIA
Stronger foot: Right foot
Registered Position: AMF
All positions: AMF, SS
Favoured side: None
Injury: B
Attack/Defence Awareness: Balanced
Attack: 74
Defence: 38
Body balance: 78
Stamina: 70
Top speed: 80
Acceleration: 75
Responsiveness: 70
Agility: 68
Dribble accuracy: 85
Dribble speed: 85
Short pass accuracy: 83
Short pass speed: 81
Long pass accuracy: 78
Long pass speed: 75
Shot accuracy: 75
Shot power: 75
Shot technique: 82
Free kick accuracy: 70
Swerve: 68
Header Accuracy: 70
Jump: 75
Technique: 85
Tenacity: 67
Goal keeping skills: 50
Teamwork: 70
Aggression: 79
Form: 3
Weak foot accuracy: 6
Weak foot usage: 6
Overall Rating: 75
Rating as :
S02: Passer
S06: Outside Curve
S16: Roulette Skills
S20: Flicking Skills

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